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S$ 183/month

0.8% Interest Rate over 12 months based on a loan amount of

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What Readers Need to Know About Personal Loans in Singapore

Readers who have never taken personal loan in Singapore may feel overwhelmed when they begin to explore their options. Read on to learn about personal loans and clarify any doubts before signing on the dotted line.

What is a Personal Loan?

A personal loan can be used for simply anything. They can be taken from banks or independent lenders, allowing borrowers to get access to the money they need to tie over events or emergencies then pay it back with reasonable interest over a predefined period of time. Unlike specialized loans such as education loans and home renovation loans, personal loans can be used to finance anything from weddings, to business start-ups to financing a family vacation.

When Should Readers Take Up Personal Loans?

There are a few common reasons for taking up personal loan in Singapore. Many borrowers are looking for an easy way to deal with minor financial emergencies such as unexpected medical bills, necessary car repairs, or paying past-due credit cards bills that have simply fallen by the wayside.

Others are looking to fund vacations, buy holiday gifts for their friends and family, or invest in something that they have been wanting for years but can't quite afford. There are various reasons why borrowers are applying for personal loans. Once consumers have obtained approval for their loans, they can use the money on whatever they need.

What Should Readers Consider Before Taking Up a Loan?

First, readers should consider whether taking up a loan is really necessary. The answer to this question may be obvious if the money is used for financial emergency. Readers who are looking for some extra cash for the holidays or funding for an upcoming vacation should carefully consider whether they are able to afford the monthly repayments prior to taking up a loan.

When choosing a lender, lowest personal loan interest rates in Singapore should not be the only consideration. Do read through the loan terms and conditions and ensure the lender is transparent and upfront with their fees and charges and there are no hidden fees. It's often possible to get lower interest rates when working with an independent lender rather than a bank, so do some research before choosing a lender. Financial institutes tend to offer faster personal loan approval compared to banks.

How Can Readers Take Up Loans?

It’s simple to apply and get instant approval for your personal loan. All you require is the borrower's NRIC for Singapore resident and proof of income.

There are a few options for providing proof of income. Salaried employees can provide a copy of their latest statement, their latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment, or their CPF statements for the past year. Self-employed borrowers must provide their Income Tax Notice of Assessment.

Who is Eligible for Personal Loans?

Singapore residents and Singapore Permanent Residents with a minimum income of more than $20,000 per year would likely be considered to be eligible to take up a personal loan. Borrowers should also keep in mind that the minimum income requirements differ between lenders and Singapore residents and Singapore Permanent Residents with a minimum income of more than S$30,000 per year is likely to obtain a lower personal loan interest rate.